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Chuck Roast Barbacoa Tacos

Chuck Roast Barbacoa Tacos

This is so easy, so simple and absolutely delicious! This is one our our families favorite ways to eat tacos. Its takes some pre planning as you will need around 3 hours for the meat to cook. We generally cook ours the day before - place the whole pot or dutch oven in the fridge and reheat on the stove top (you may need to add a splash of water when reheating!)

1 of our dry aged Chuck Roasts (or a well marbled 2.5-3lb Chuck Roast)
1 to 2 tbsp of Lily Hill Farm Seasoning
1/2 tbsp of red pepper flakes
1 package of corn tortillas 

1-2 tbsp of chopped Cilantro
1 small chopped white onion
1 lime, wedged
1-2 tbsp of Mexican Table Cream (can use sour cream a substitute)
1-2 tbsp of crumbled Fresco Cheese 
1 tsp of red chili flakes

Preheat oven (or grill) to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Chop your chuck roast into approx. 1-1.5 inch cubes. Place meat in dutch over and season with LHF Seasoning, red pepper flakes and ancho chili powder. Place lid on dutch oven and place in oven or grill for 3 hours or until meat is pull apart tender. Can add some water around 2 hours mark if needed. 

While meat is resting, fry corn tortillas in oil until slightly crispy. Shred beef with a fork.


Finally, assemble with tortillas. 

Top with cilantro, white onion and crumbled fresco cheese. Drizzle with Mexican Table Cream and lime juice. And finally sprinkle with red chili flakes. 

Enjoy your Chuck Roast Barbacoa Tacos!

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